Frequently Asked Questions


What is the KB limits for The Palace?

A. Please keep your KB around 2,500.

Where can I see your rates?

A. The rates for our lovely Wild Cats can be seen by either checking our signs or asking our talent or by clicking here.

Can I use Voice Boxes?

A. No. Please remove voice boxes while within The Palace. Failure to do so can lead to being removed.

Can I touch the talent?

A. Do not touch the talent unless given permission to do so.

I love to dance, can I dance on the Poles/Stage?

A. We love that you like to dance, but the equipment is for our Wild Cats and those in training only.  If, however, you would like to work for us, our application form is here.

Can I hang out here?

A. We here at The Palace love to entertain, but it is a performance reserved for the paying client who likes a place to relax with possible benefits if a particular situation arises..if you would like to stay and enjoy the show, please tip the wonderful dancers for their service, thank you loves 🙂