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Are We Hiring?

The Palace is a very tight knit family, there is no space for nonsense. Do NOT apply if:


  • Your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ Master/ yoga instructor is the jealous type. Your relationship woes are your own, and if you feel as though you'd have to choose between us and them, consider that decision made here. Go with them and close out of this window.
  • You are currently a member of, are planning to be a member of or Co-Run a strip and or escort location. You have your hands full with that venture, why even come to us unless you're offering to place our club beneath The Palace?
  • You are the type to bounce around from location to location. Bounce right on past us, please. As mentioned countless times, Madam Selina values her time as you should yours, do be worth that time should she give you her attention.
  • You expect to leech off of another's success. We do well because we are good at what we do. We are expecting you to contribute so that we are ALL better at what we do. If you are only here to take without giving, bringing nothing positive to the table, do not bother.
  • You are looking for a family and friend hangout. Those that are in attendance are either working for The Palace or someone that has tipped to be here. We are not offering free shows to your friends who are "just visiting" you daily for long periods of time without tipping.

With that being said...yes we are hiring!

The Palace is currently ONLY seeking escorts who are exotic dancers as well if you are interested.
We are in search of the absolute best of all types. Thick, thin, pale, tan, dominant and submissive, as long as you are loyal to The Palace with average to above average role-playing skill, we are searching for you!
We aim to give our clients The Dream Team selection of adult entertainers.

To even qualify you must have the following:

The Look
From the skin you use to the body type and outfits you wear, we expect you to look the part of someone worthy of being a Wild Cat. While Madam Selina loves the unique and will always prefer for you to be yourself no matter what, you must be flexible and open to the suggestions and the opinions of others. If you are not seeking to evolve or find out which areas you can improve yourself not only physically but in other areas as well, then you are not ready to become a Wild Cat.

The Skill
Just how good are you at role-playing? We seek not only those who are quick learners with average to above average role-playing skill, but those who can adapt to the client as well, regardless of that clients skill level. Be ready to provide several examples when asked to do so, as well as when the time comes to perform for our clients both in and outside of The Palace.

The Talent
Skill is one thing, but just how good are you at actually landing clients successfully? Madam Selina does not approve of those who simply sit and wait for clients to fall into their lap. Sometimes you giving your attention is the difference between an uneventful day and a frequent client for life. Landing the client is an art form in itself, and I expect to see how good you are at working with the canvas you are provided with.

The Loyalty
Many will attempt to hire you even after you join us. Some of you will if you haven't already, find lovers and be in relationships that may or may not make you feel differently about being here. Your staying or leaving is all on you as Madam Selina will not be offended either way. Your choice is your choice. Just know that loyalty is a very big thing to Madam Selina, and once you are out, you can expect to stay out. If The Palace isn't for you, please do not waste our time.

The Dedication
Loyalty and dedication are what Madam Selina looks for above everything. Are you putting in the extra hours even when nobody else is? Are you active on the groups? Are you presenting new and innovative ideas? If you aren't loyal to Madam Selina or dedicated to the goal of taking The Palace to the next level, you may as well not even bother applying. If you are however ready to become a part of something that has never been done before, feel free to apply and we will see about getting you an interview.

Still think you have what it takes to be the next Wild Cat?

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